Unexpected problems with conceiving and fertility are one of the most stressful and frustrating issues facing the clients in my practice.

After years of trying not to get pregnant, delays in starting or growing a family are not always anticipated and most likely unwelcome. Fertility and pregnancy require a complex interplay of nutrients and hormones, all of which can be affected by food, stress, and the environment. Taking time to prepare and nourish the body prior to starting "trying" or after running into difficulties is a wonderful way to prepare the body for pregnancy and set up the best possible environment for conception to occur.

Who is this program for?

  • Anyone looking to conceive in the near future and wants to get their body in tip top nourished shape
  • Those who have been "trying" for a while without success
  • Women with PCOS, endometriosis, low ovarian reserve or age related fertility diagnoses. 
  • Those with a diagnosis "unexplained" infertility and want to try something natural before, instead or during IVF
  • Couples with male factor infertility

Program Options

One-on-One Personalized Programs

  • A comprehensive assessment of your overall health with a focus on your fertility and hormones
  • One-on-one appointments done via video chat
  • A personal diet, supplement and lifestyle plan uniquely tailored to your goals, history, diet preferences and cooking abilities
  • Continuous support via email for any follow up questions between sessions 
  • 3 month, 6 week and single session options

Group Programs

  • Personalized assessment conducted over email
  • 6 weekly group consults via video conference
  • Access to Alison via email for questions + Private forum for group members to communicate 
  • No more than 6 total women in one group, all with similar concerns

Online Courses

  • 4 weekly online classes covering a single topic in detail
  • Chat feature for questions
  • Replay option for those not in attendance
  • Enrolling now: Nutrition & Unexplained Infertility (begins March7)