Although the new little bundle of stinky cuteness is likely taking in all the attention, moms still need some self care.

There is much healing to do, which requires nutrients and calories and time. For the breastfeeding moms, this is even more critical. Come up for air for some time to focus on your health and wellness and transition into motherhood. You can't pour from an empty cup, mama. 

Together we will explore postpartum healing and replenishing your lost nutrients, how to identify and correct hormonal imbalances, meal planning and resources for busy lives and weight management after baby. 



Who is this program for?

Click for my free download

Click for my free download

  • Any new mother, whether this is your first or fiftieth baby
  • Mothers of older children who still feel out of balance and want to reclaim their glow
  • Mamas who realize that to take care of our children, we must first take care of ourselves

Program Options

One-on-One Personalized Program

  • A comprehensive assessment of your overall health with a focus on your changing, healing body and hormone balance
  • One-on-one appointments done via video chat
  • A personal diet, supplement and lifestyle plan uniquely tailored to your goals, history, diet preferences and cooking abilities
  • Continuous support via email for any follow up questions between sessions 
  • 3 month, 6 week and single session options

Group Programs

  • Connect with new moms with little ones the same age
  • 4 weekly group meetings via video conference
  • Access to Alison via email for questions + private forum for group members to communicate 
  • No more than 12 total women in one grou

Online Classes