I started working with Alison in August 2017. I had already completed 6 rounds of Clomid and 1 IUI with zero success and was taking a break to heal my mind and body. At 26 years old I was struggling with secondary infertility. This wasn’t my first time struggling to get pregnant and keep a healthy pregnancy, it had taken me a year and two miscarriage to get pregnant with my daughter. Now 10 months into another devastating experience with trying to create a family, my husband and I decided to try something new. We stopped the medical interventions and decided to focus on healing my body with nutrition. I contacted Alison and we started by changing my diet, monitoring how my body with reacting, and eventually adding in supplements. Alison warned me nutrition took time, but I was eager to get pregnant a year ago. Two cycles after starting my work with Alison I went to see my fertility doctor and was told I needed to start a round of IVF that day. He didn’t have any answers as to what might be wrong, but I needed to “set my ego aside” if I wanted to get pregnant. I decided to just wait another cycle it was too big of a decision to make in a few hours. I am over joyed to say that Alison was right and the doctor was wrong. I got pregnant that cycle with the help of nutrition, meditation, and some unofficial counseling from Alison, with my second healthy baby girl. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and have a thriving baby  due June 2018.

Thank You Alison for believing in my body when I had lost all trust. For talking me back onto track with the plan we had developed, and for giving me the opportunity to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy!

-Arianna S

"I struggled to get pregnant for a year and a half. After seeing multiple medical providers, I wasn't happy with the options that were put on the table- which were primarily medication based and heading down the road to IUI and IVF. So I searched for some alternatives and found Alison's 4 week Unexplained Infertility class series. I learned so much from this class, mainly that what I thought were healthy eating habits weren't necessarily working for my particular fertility issues. I am now entering my third trimester and truly believe that the lifestyle changes I learned from Alison helped me to get pregnant." 

-Phoebe K

"I had a 2.5 hour intensive with Alison and it was great. It is my first pregnancy and I felt so lost with how to nourish my body with all the changes happening. She gave me great suggestions and I left the appointment feeling refreshed and inspired to make changes to help myself feel better during pregnancy. She made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend to anyone who wants help to feel their best during pregnancy."

-Jen S

"Alison's expertise and support came at a much needed time for me.  I was post-partum and struggling with sleep, mood and fatigue issues and just generally feeling blah. She made some nutrition and supplement suggestions that were truly helpful and I started feeling better within a matter of days. I wake up with more energy, my outlook on life has improved and I feel great.  Side-benefit--her suggestions even decreased my snoring, so my husband is happy too!"

-Rose G

"I was having a conversation with a friend about my extreme PMS symptoms and that's when she introduced me to Alison. What I thought was a regular week out of the month was actually damaging to my relationships and my work. Alison helped me make small adjustments to my eating habits, manage my stress and made the process simple and fun! Three months later after working with Alison I am feeling SO much better and my symptoms are practically unrecognizable. Thank you so much Alison - without you I’d still be that crazy PMS lady one week out of the month ;)"

-Linda B