PCOS. Hypothyroid. Insulin Resistance. Fibroids. PMS. These hormone related conditions are not normal, and can be balanced with the right food and lifestyle changes.

We're all striving for "balance." While there's no real definition for what it means to have or be balanced, what I do know is that if your hormones are off you will not be feeling radiant and amazing.  

Our hormones require a delicate dance of nutrients, relaxation, and feedback from other hormones in order to work optimally. When one goes out of whack, the others follow. 

No matter the cause, we can work together to rein in our unruly hormones and feel good (great!) again. 



Who is this program for?

  • Any woman struggling with a hormone related condition
  • Those suffering with PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, fibroids, mood imbalances, unruly weight gain, low libido, hot flashes, insomnia, hypothryoid, excessive fatigue, hair loss, GI symptoms....
  • Anyone who is just feeling "off" but can't pinpoint a certain problem

Program Options

One-on-One Personalized Program

  • A comprehensive assessment of your overall health with a focus on hormone balance and the relationship between nutrition, stress and exercise
  • One-on-one appointments done via video chat
  • A personal diet, supplement and lifestyle plan uniquely tailored to your goals, history, diet preferences and cooking abilities
  • Continuous support via email for any follow up questions between sessions 
  • 3 month, 6 week and single session options

Group Programs

  • Personalized assessment conducted over email
  • 6 weekly group consults via video conference
  • Access to Alison via email for questions + private forum for group members to communicate 
  • No more than 6 total women in one group, all with similar concerns

Online Classes

  • 4 weekly online classes covering a single topic in detail
  • Chat feature for questions
  • Replay option for those not in attendance
  • Next Class Offering: Are your hormones the cause of your weight gain?