Benefit from the information in my individual postpartum and hormone balancing programs while meeting other new and seasoned mamas. All at a lower price point. Learn how to re-nourish and re-balance your body after baby, what hormonal changes are normal and what are not, how to balance busy life with self care and weight management support and best practices.  All while connecting with other women and building a network of support.


Application is required to match you with the best group of like women. Current group offerings:  

  • New Mama Support Group (newborn stage - birth to 3 months)
    •  Focus on nutrients needed for healing and hormone balancing, infant feeding support, easy and quick meal planning, new mom troubleshooting.
  • Back in Balance Group (moms of children 6+ months) 
    • Focus on identifying and correcting any lingering hormone imbalances, weight management and exercise, work-life balance and transition, meal planning for busy families. 

Group Program Application

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Not sure which is the best fit? Schedule a free call with Alison to talk about your options.